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Site Based Cost Control Feature

NetGate measured bandwidth (MB) based Hosting services offer you the ability to control your costs by limiting the rate of data transfer out of your site. The measured bandwidth accounting model used for MB based accounts provides you with complete control over your costs. It's really very simple. You define a maximum cost and set up a rate limit based on that number.

For example, if you wanted to limit your bandwidth costs to $100.00 per month you could set up a rate limit at 143.8 Kbps and be assured of never exceeding your budget of $100.00 per month. How did we arrive at the 112.3 Kbps number?

Included bandwidth: 100 Kbps
Amount of bandwidth you could purchase for $100.00: 333 Kbps (at $.30 per Kbps)
Add 5% (of 137 Kbps) for bandwidth smoothing: 21 Kbps

Total bandwidth: 454 Kbps
Total bandwidth cost: $100.00

In this example we added an additional 21 Kbps of bandwidth to ensure that 95th percentile bandwidth smoothing would result in a number no greater that 100 Kbps. In reality, you can often add an additional 20% or more to your base bandwidth number while still remaining below your budgeted maximum cost.

Below you'll see an example of graphs we provide that allow you to monitor your bandwidth usage. We provide you with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views of your bandwidth usage.

To see how the 95th percentile smoothing works take a look at the monthly graph. From the graph you can see that the site often bursts to speeds of 600 Kbps. Now, take a look at the 95th percentile mark (the red horizontal line in the graph) and note the number of peak bandwidth usage periods that are ignored because those samples are dropped (from a billing perspective). This bandwidth smoothing effect results in a 95th percentile bandwidth usage rate of 504.3 Kbps.

This particular site started out with no bandwidth rate limit, then moved to a rate limit of 500 Kbps, and then to a limit of 600 Kbps. If you look at the yearly graph you'll see that in Sept. and Oct. there was no rate limit. In Nov., Dec., and Jan. a rate limit of 500 Kbps was set, and then in Feb. and Mar. a new rate limit of 600 Kbps (as noted by the red horizontal line in the graph) was set.

The statistics were last updated Monday, 11 March 2002 at 11:30

`Daily' Graph (5 Minute Average)

Max In: 76.7 kb/s Average In: 39.3 kb/s Current In: 61.0 kb/s
Max Out: 576.3 kb/s Average Out: 268.0 kb/s Current Out: 421.6 kb/s

`Weekly' Graph (30 Minute Average)

Max In: 113.5 kb/s Average In: 38.0 kb/s Current In: 49.2 kb/s
Max Out: 599.8 kb/s Average Out: 263.2 kb/s Current Out: 371.9 kb/s

`Monthly' Graph (2 Hour Average)

Max In: 188.1 kb/s Average In: 39.0 kb/s Current In: 52.4 kb/s
Max Out: 599.8 kb/s Average Out: 269.8 kb/s Current Out: 350.6 kb/s
95th: 504.3 kb/s

`Yearly' Graph (1 Day Average)

Max In: 420.2 kb/s Average In: 41.8 kb/s Current In: 28.3 kb/s
Max Out: 758.1 kb/s Average Out: 294.2 kb/s Current Out: 198.0 kb/s

Dark Green ### Incoming Traffic in Bits per Second
Blue ### Outgoing Traffic in Bits per Second
Green### Maximal 5 Minute Incoming Traffic
Dark Blue### Maximal 5 Minute Outgoing Traffic