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Disk Quotas - Understanding and Keeping Track of Them

All NetGate Hosting accounts have disk quota protection enabled. This feature ensures that no single customer can consume the entire disk. Without disk quotas a single site could cause problems for all customers using the hosting server. Each account type has a predefined amount of storage space allocated for storage of your mail, ftp, web, and general data files. If you don't know how much space is allocated to your account you your can refer to the sales page or use the UNIX "quota" command as described below.

To check your disk usage log into your shell account and type in the command "quota".

For example:

% telnet
Connected to

Escape character is '^]'.

BSDI BSD/OS ( (ttyp0)

login: bks

vp: {1} % quota

Disk quotas for user bks (uid 329):

Filesystem blocks quota limit grace files quota limit grace
 /var 0 10000 10000   1 1000 1000  
/u1 21141 100000 100000   3072 10000 10000  

The "bks" account (a NetGate Hosting account) includes 10 MB of disk storage for mail and a separate 100 MB of disk space available for storage of ftp, www, and general data files.

The output of the quota command shows that the user is currently using 0 1K blocks in /var (the mail spool file system) and 21141 1K blocks in the /u1. The /u1 filesystem is where the customers home (ftp, www, and data space) directory resides. The customer has about 80 MB available in their home directory space and 10 MB available for mail.

Additional disk space allocation is available for your data directory space. If you have questions about purchasing additional disk space send us an e-mail to