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Forwarding E-mail

Customers with a hosting account are able to create their own mail forwarder by creating a ".forward" file. The file can be used to reroute mail to multiple e-mail address if so desired. You do not need to be particularity familiar with UNIX to create a ".forward" file.

Create the file:

The first step is to create the file. If you're creating it on a Windows or Macintosh machine you can just give the file an arbitrary name like forward.txt or something to that affect. The reason for this being that Windows does not allow you to create a file that starts with just a period. The format for the file is fairly straight forward. Each e-mail address that you wish the e-mail to forward to goes on a separate line. An example would be:


where \<username> would keep a copy of the e-mail message on the mail server, allowing your mail to be kept with your NetGate account and be forwarded onto another account.

Note: You cannot use a ".forward" file to direct mail from a specific address to a specific address, it will forward all mail to the specified addresses.

Using the file:

All you need to do now is use FTP to upload the file to your home directory, or ~/, (where your WWW directory is located, etc.) and rename the file to ".forward" and you're set.