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Changing File Permissions

Changing file permissions in your UNIX shell account is fairly simple. The chmod command is used to set the permissions on files and directories. The table below breaks down the command line options for setting permissions.

400 read permission for user
200 write permission for user
100 execute permission for user
040 read permission for group
020 write permission for group
010 execute permission for group
004 read permission for world
002 write permission for world
001 execute permission for world
For example, if there was a file in your cgi-bin directory named "count.cgi" and you wanted to set up full access to it yourself, and read and execute permission for group and world, then you would do the following:

u2: {3} % chmod 755 count.cgi

If you were to then type in the ls-al command it should return the following information for count.cgi

u2: {3} % ls -al count.cgi

-rwxr-xr-x 1 joe vuser 293687 May 26 13:42 count.cgi