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Promoting and Building Traffic To Your Site

Traditional Media

Once you have your content created you'll want to advertise your presence. There are a couple of ways to make your presence known. The first thing to do is to add your URL to any advertising you may do in paper based publications as well as to your business cards.

Net Based Lists and Catalogs

You'll definitely want to get your URL added to the various catalogs (lists) of pages that are being archived at various sites on the net. These lists are very popular and are becoming one of the best ways to locate information on the web. Below is a list of the best known lists on the net at this time. Each list has a different process in place to get your information added. We recommend that you visit each site to determine what information is required to get your URLs included in the list.

Usenet News Groups

The third way to advertise on the net is to monitor the various news groups that relate to your product or service and respond to queries from others asking for information. It's considered bad taste to post unsolicited advertising to the news groups, but responding to queries is acceptable.

You can also announce your presence by posting an article to the news group comp.infosystems.www.announce. This group is monitored by many of the maintainers of web site lists (such as Yahoo) and is an excellent way to advertise your site.