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Server Side Includes

Server Side Includes are fully supported on all NetGate hosting accounts. To utilize server side includes all that is required is that the page containing the SSI directives be named with a ".shtml" extension vs. the standard ".html" extension. Form more information please see the Introduction to Server Side Includes found on the Apache site. Additional information can be found in the mod_include documentation, also available from the Apache web site.

How to SSI Enable all ".html" Files

You can make all your documents SSI enabled without having to name them with a ".shtml" extension by adding the following directive to your ".htaccess" file. The ".htaccess" file can be located in your "www" directory making all files SSI enabled, or in a subdirectory of your "www" directory making only those files in that directory SSI enabled.

AddHandler server-parsed .html

There is a performance penalty for doing this as all documents, whether they have SSI directives in them or not, must be parsed by the Apache server twice before being sent to the client browser. So, if you don't use SSI in most of your documents we do not recommend adding this directive.

Note: For security reasons the "cmd" and "cgi" directives are only enabled for customers using the NetGate Personal CGI service. If you don't have a "cgi-bin" directory, located in your home directory, then you are not using Personal CGI. All virtual hosting accounts can be Personal CGI enabled. So, if you do not have a cgi-bin directory, but do have a virtual hosting account, and would like Personal CGI enabled, please send an e-mail to