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Annual $27.95 p/m
Monthly $29.95 p/m

The VP/MB Hosting account fits the needs of many different sites. The innovative measured bandwidth accounting model combined with our cost control features make this the perfect choice for high volume sites looking for scalable bandwidth at a fair price, or for those sites seeking to control costs. The service provides a virtual server environment that includes the full use of your own domain name, true IP based virtual web site, virtual FTP site, advanced mail features, database features, private or shared digital certificate secure data transfer services, economical scalable bandwidth, measured bandwidth accounting, cost controls, access control, PHP, FrontPage, a UNIX shell account, and much more.

The VP/MB account allows you to publish as well as receive information to and from the World Wide Web using industry standard SSL (secure sockets layer) mechanisms. SSL uses encryption technology to facilitate the secure transfer of data across the Internet. SSL is supported by most popular browsers (Microsoft IE, Netscape, etc.) which allows you to easily capture, or present, critical information over a secure channel. The VP/MB account allows you to use our digital certificate (commonly known as a "shared certificate"), and also provides the capability for you to register and use your own digital certificate. The SSL capabilities of the VP/MB service make it an excellent choice for e-commerce based sites.

The VP/MB service provides you with a true virtual presence allowing you to you to advertise your web site using a URL such as: (non-secure) (secure)

And, send and receive mail using an address such as:
And, with optional add-on features the VP/MB service offers advanced spam and virus protection, unlimited secondary sites, and economical domain name registration. The VP/MB service provides you with great features at an exceptional value.

  • Virtual web site located on a dedicated high performance server
  • Virtual FTP site located on a dedicated high performance server
  • True IP based virtual hosting providing you with 100% browser compatibility
  • Secure SSL (secure sockets layer) data encryption capabilities
  • Virtual non-secure web server allowing you to advertise a URL such as <>
  • Virtual secure web server allowing you to advertise a URL such as <>
  • Base domain mapping <>
  • Hosting services based on a commercial UNIX (BSD/OS) and Apache web server platform
  • Short hop big pipe routing to major backbones and major access providers
  • Servers connected at 100 Mbps (100 Mbps burstable bandwidth!)
  • Multi-Gigabit data center connectivity to the Internet
Storage and Data Transfer
  • 500 MB of data storage
  • 40 MB of e-mail storage
  • 100 Kbps 95th percentile data stream, each additional 1 Kbps of data transfer is billed at 30 cents per month.
Dynamic Content and Site Management
  • Over-all site cost control feature allowing you to control the bandwidth costs associated with your site.
  • Individual directory based cost control feature. This feature allows you to control the costs for things such as binary distributions while at the same time providing exceptional performance for your static and dynamic content.
  • Control Panel for site management and monitoring
  • Microsoft FrontPage support
  • PHP
  • MySql database
  • Perl 5, Tcl, python, C, sh, tcsh, ksh, bash, csh
  • Easy to use HTML Form to e-mail (FormMail) CGI application
  • Easy to use page counter CGI application
  • Full Server Side Include (SSI) capabilities (including EXEC)
  • RealAudio and RealVideo, and Shockwave Flash support
  • UNIX shell account for web site maintenance (site may be maintained using SSH, telnet, or ftp)
  • Daily e-mail notification of data transfer and QOS over quota limits to allow you to better manage your site
  • NetGate Personal CGI. PCGI allows you complete control over your cgi-bin directory. It also includes quality of service (QOS) guarantees ensuring that no single site can degrade over-all server performance
  • 10 concurrent CGI processes
  • Detailed access statistics updated daily and available via the web
  • Access to raw HTTP and FTP logs
  • Access control features allowing you to control who can access your pages
  • Nightly backup of your data
  • 1 POP mail accounts
  • Virtual POP server (
  • NetGate Mail Funnel. All e-mail sent to your domain ( is funneled to your main mailbox. This feature provides you with an infinite number of e-mail addresses under your domain.
  • Primary and secondary mail servers assigned to your domain
  • Procmail support
E-commerce Extras

E-commerce enable your site with a ShopSite total e-commerce package!


  • Unlimited Secondary Sites: $2.95 per site per month
  • NetGate Webcelerate HE Internet Access Account: $10.95 per month
  • MxForce spam and virus protection: $1.00 per message center per month
  • Register your domain with us for as low as $14.95 per year
  • Transfer your domain to us for as low as $12.95 for the first year
  • Registration of your digital certificate (VeriSign, Thawte, etc.). You are responsible for any fees associated with the registration and maintenance of your "digital certificate". The issuing certificate authority will bill you directly for those charges: $50.00
  • Additional disk storage: $5 per 100 MB per month
  • Additional mail addresses (POP account): $1.00 set up fee/$1.00 per month per address
  • Autoresponder: $25.00 setup fee per responder
  • DNS Changes: $5 per request.
  • CGI application development and integration services are available at $120.00 per hour (min. 1 hour)
* "Data Transfer" is defined as the total traffic resulting from any transfer of data (from) the IP address assigned to your virtual server.