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Monthly $2.95
Setup $9.95

The VP/SA Hosting service is offered as an add-on feature to any NetGate Hosting service. The VP/SA service allows you to attach an unlimited number of secondary accounts to your primary Hosting account. Each VP/SA site can be pointed to the same virtual root directory, or to a unique directory allowing you to point multiple domains at the same content, or to completely different content. The VP/SA service provides you with a true virtual presence allowing you to you to advertise your web site using a URL such as:

  • Secondary sites are HTTP 1.1 name based sites offering 100% compatibility with 3.0 or greater browsers. Anyone using a non-HTTP 1.1 browser would be directed to your primary IP based site. Typical sites see more than 95 percent of all pages views from people using an HTTP 1.1 compatible (generally 3.0 and above) browser. More information on HTTP 1.1 Hosting is available here.
  • Same or unique root directory for each site.
  • Full mail functionality for each site (same features as the
    parent hosting account).
  • All site reporting is aggregated (same raw logs files for all sites).
  • Aggregated bandwidth reporting (site bandwidth is subtotaled each
    day to create a total bandwidth usage amount).
  • Daily aggregated website statistics reporting.
  • Available disk space is shared between all sites.
  • Personal CGI-BIN and associated QOS features are shared for all sites.
  • All sites can be managed using a single login.
  • URL such as <>
  • Base domain mapping <>
  • Virtual POP server (
  • NetGate Mail Funnel. All e-mail sent to your domain ( is funneled to your main mailbox. This feature provides you with an infinite number of e-mail addresses under your domain.
  • Primary and secondary mail servers assigned to your domain
  • Procmail support
  • Access control features allowing you to control who can access your pages
  • Nightly backup of your data