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Installing Propel Accelerator Webcelerate Edition

Use the following instructions to install Propel Accelerator Webcelerate Edition.

  1. Download the Propel Webcelerate Client Installer. You can download the latest version of the application from:


  2. Once the application has been downloaded, double click on the file you just downloaded to run the installer application.
  3. The Propel Webcelerate Installer will launch. Click "Next" to proceed.

    10. The default install paths are usually correct. Make any changes as needed and click "Next" to continue.

    11. You should now see the following dialog box. Click "Start Using Propel Accelerator to continue.

    14. The first time you use the Propel Webcelerate client it will ask you for a username and password. Your username is the same as your dial-up username with the addition of “” attached. For example, if your username is “brooks”, your Propel Webcelerate username would be Your password is the same as you currently use for dial-up and e-mail access.

    15. Launch the Propel Webcelerate "Quick Tour" for helpful tips and familiarize you with the features.

    Please see the NetGate Webcelerate FAQ for additional information regarding the NetGate Internet Connection application. You can also find specific information regarding the Propel Accelerator Webcelerate Edition application as it relates to NetGate installation and use.

    Please see the support section of the Webcelerate site for additional information specific to the the Propel Accelerator Webcelerate Edition application.