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Windows XP Set Up and Configuration

Use the following instructions to configure a Windows XP based system for access to NetGate.

  1. Click the "Start" button and choose "Control Panel".

  2. In the "Control Panel", click on the "Internet Options" icon.

  3. The "Internet Properties" window opens. Select the "Connections" tab. Click the "Setup..." button at the top where it reads: "To set up an Internet connection, click Setup".

  4. The "New Connection Wizard" opens. Click "Next".

  5. In the Network Connection Type window, select the Connect to the Internet option, then click "Next".

  6. In the "Getting Ready" window, select the "Set up my connection manually" option, then click "Next".

  7. In the "Internet Connection" window, select the "Connect using a dial-up modem" option, then click "Next".

  8. In the "Connection Name" window enter "NetGate" in the ISP Name" dialog box, then click "Next".

  9. In the "Phone Number to Dial" window enter your local access phone number in the "Phone number" dialog box, then click "Next".

  10. In the "Internet Account Information" window enter your NetGate username (e.g. johndoe) into the "User name" dialog box. Enter your password only if you want it saved. If others have access to your computer, leave the Password and Confirm password blank, then click "Next".

  11. The Internet Connection wizard is finished. If you want a Shortcut to be created on the desktop for this connection, check the "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop" option, then click "Finish".

  12. To connect to the Internet double click the NetGate icon on your Desktop.